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Hi all,

For a bit of background, I recently discovered I'm B12 deficient and started B12 injections 3 weeks ago (every 5 days). I self-injected yesterday morning, and in the evening I suddenly came down with the worst case of what I think is carpal tunnel (median nerve compression) – searing/burning pain my wrist and hand, worse when flexing the hand and gripping. It was so bad I could barely sleep. I've never had this before, so I'm wondering if it's from the B12, since I understand nerve pain can worsen before improving when you start injecting. Has anyone else experienced carpal tunnel after starting B12 injections? I'm hoping this will just be temporary and I don't have to quit my job (I work at a computer all day)!

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  • It may not be carpal tunnel . You need it to be diagnosed ( nerve conduction test ) The little finger and ring finger will not be affected if it is carpal tunnel.

  • Thanks wedgewood! It's mostly my thumb and index finger. Either way, it feels very much like nerve pain. I'm on my way to my chiropractor/physical therapist, so hopefully I'll get some answers soon.

  • I hope that you do get to the bottom of it . My carpal tunnel syndrome was diagnosed with a nerve conduction test , when it was really bad . I was supposed to have an op . I didn't have the op . Over the years the carpal tumnel pain has diminished , and is now more or less gone ! Reason ? No one knows ! Best of luck with your problems .

  • Hi etreas I'm not a medically trained person but I reckon it could well be the B12.

    Not that it has caused the "carpal tunnel (median nerve compression) – searing/burning pain my wrist and hand" but it may be that it has begun to repair the damage done to nerve endings in that area caused by the B12 Deficiency,

    Then again it could just be coincidence as you "work at a computer all day" Do you have a wrist rest - ergonomic keyboard???

    Do you know what your Folate level is?

  • Exactly, clivealive! I'm wondering if it is nerve repair or just the years of working at a computer finally catching up. Unfortunately I do not have an ergonomic keyboard. My folate is fine and I supplement.

  • I worked in Health & Safety back in the early/mid 90s and it was "law" to have workstation assessments carried out and suitable equipment such as chairs, anti-glare screens and wrist supports, keyboards etc to be supplied by employers. Does yours not do that?

    I've been retired ten years now so I wouldn't know what the current legislation is.

    Take care of yourself.

  • Interesting, my workplace has adjustable standing desks and ergonomic chairs, but looks like we need to invest in wrist supports too! Thanks clivealive!

  • I've had 'carpal tunnel' for years though never had nerve induction test to confirm it (diagnosis by OT) as GP told me there was no such thing (where do they find these people:))

    Did notice that I had a few issues with it whilst I was recovering - some aches and pains that I hadn't experienced for years.

    For a number of years I slept in wrist braces - which helped a lot - but then I'd learnt to sleep with wrist in right position to problems stopped. Also use an ergonomic keyboard at work as for me it was exacerbated by motion sideways and as a touch typist there is much less sideways movement of the wrists with an ergonomic key board - though took me a while to get used to the b being on the wrong hand :).

    The problems went away quite quickly for me.

  • Thanks Gambit! Think I'm definitely going to have to invest in an ergonomic keyboard!

  • Hi, yes I too experienced a case of carpal tunnel again after starting S I with B12. I also now take B vitamins and that helps, I think too much of one B vit does deplete other B vits so you may be deficient in others now. I know B6 has been reported to relieve carpal tunnel symptoms but you must be careful with it because too much B6 can cause neuro problems so it is always about fine balance. I still have it but milder now , like you it was VERY bad when I started B12. I also take thyroid meds and maybe the thyroid being low also causes carpal tunnel and maybe the B12 is just getting everything balanced and with time will relieve symptoms. I hope you soon feel more comfortable.

  • This is a relief to hear that I'm not alone! I'm glad you figured out an effective treatment. I do take a multi-B supplement as well, but will keep an eye on those levels. Thanks!

  • ironically carpel tunnel was a symptom I had with low vitamin d3 and low thyroid hormones

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