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Quality anti-histamine without 'orrible fillers

Its that time of year and I need a quality anti-histamine as my hayfever just debilitates me. I am needing to be careful about fillers due to my gut damage/ dysbiosis and poor oral tolerance.

Does anyone have any ideas of an OTC or BNF anti-histamine that is free of say silica-free / silicon-dioxide-free, titanium dioxide-free, talc-free, no artificial colors, magnesium stearate etc.?

Thank you :-)

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Hi, I have no knowledge of this whatsoever but a friend of mine consulted a herbalist and now has a tincuture that she swears has transformed her life in terms of hay fever.

I want to say it’s a nettle tincture but I could be telling you nonsense! Therefore it would just be in solution in alcohol, no other additives 😀

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Thank you Murphysmum :-) - it sounds worth pursuing doesn't it. I wonder whether it is something like this one

I just need to be so careful of all the chemicals i put in my body!


I have yet to resolve this issue. I either get lactose, corn, colouring or artificial sugars even in the children’s ones. I take the least bad one once in a blue moon. An alternative is quercitin that can be obtained without fillers that irritate me. I was a bit subtle at first but is used for Mast Cell Activation Syndrome so has a body of evidence and Doctors recommending it.

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Thank you cwill, it is horrendous what obnoxious fillers are used. I have poor oral tolerance/intestinal permeability and moving into AIP diet with my new nutritionist soon, so I am trying to remove all 'ucky stuff. I shall certainly keep the quercitin in mind... I have just bought from Biovea:


NETTLES 435mg 100 Vegetarian Capsules

Hopefully it will help along with the facial mask, wrap around sunglasses, hermetically sealed room, nostril vaseline, copious face washing ... etc etc etc


[I have my first CFS rehabilitation clinic 6th June with an advocate - going to tick diagnosis boxes and then "run" away in a graded way whilst trying to avoid the resultant PEM :-) ]

Best Wishes xx

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amasufindme ~ I can't help re remedies, but just wanted to sympathise. Despite having various allergies ~ almost all metals except silver, gold and platinum😊, (nickel is a killer!) and house dust, etc., hay fever isn't one of them, thank various gods!🙏 it must seriously affect your enjoyment of the summer months🌻

I think if I ever develop hay fever and can't enjoy my gardening, which is already severely limited now, I will commit suicide by rolling in the nearest crop field! lol! It would be the last straw (excuse pun) for me!

Almost all other avenue of pleasures have been closed off to me because of this illness, but I can still 'potter' in the garden🐝or at least sit and enjoy🌷

As a child, I was diagnosed with loads of allergies ~ tomatoes, strawberries, almost everything I ate, and always accompanied by a good dose of eczema but most passed as quickly as they came, and haven't returned as far as I can tell.😳 I hope you find something that works for you, and you can enjoy time outdoors. xx


Thank you mamapea1 for your lovely reply :-D ...I am thinking I may need some sort of space suit with a glass bowl helmet :-) xx

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