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Medical Paper proving that denying T3 is medical negligence

Taken from TPAUK website ..........

Selected Statements of Medical Ethics

* A Physician Shall” While Caring for a Patient Regard Responsibility to the Patient as Paramount. (AMA 2001)

* A Physician Shall Be Honest in all Professional Interactions. (AMA” 2001)

* A Physician Shall Continue to Study” Apply and Advance Scientific Knowledge Maintain a Commitment to Medical Education Make Relevant Information Available to Patients Colleagues and the Public (AMA 2001)

* A Physician Shall Act Only in the Patients Interest When Providing Medical Care Which Might Have the Effect of Weakening the Physical and Mental Condition of the Patient. (WMA” 1949 1968 1983)

Reducing the Scope of Guidelines and Policy Statements in Hypothyroidism

This paper by Eric Pritchard M.Sc. (published 24 Jun2 2013) proves that doctors who are denying the active hormone T3 to patients who need it – are practising outside of their scope. This is not only medical negligence, it is criminal negligence.

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Well done marigold22 for finding this information. Thanks for posting.

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A most interesting article that goes back to 2013. However, when you try to click on the link for the unabridged version, it is no longer available, which is a bit of a shame...

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Update - a member clicked on Follow this Post; which in turn alerted me back to it. Thank you... as I have a dreaded endo appointment mid September, to get my 6 months prescription of T3, already I'm getting stressed over it, and had forgotten this TPAUK medical negligence paper. Will print it out and take copies with me.


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