This Canadian doctor's licence was withdrawn

Like some of our doctors in the UK because they didn't toe the line of diagnosing by TSH alone and/or levo only.

Excerp from link belowt:

In July 2001, an endocrinologist whose patient had left him and gotten better on Dr. Derry's treatment complained to the College about Dr. Derry. The patient complained about the endocrinologist, but the College investigated only the complaint against Dr. Derry.

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  • Meanwhile the patient stays ill! :(

  • Yes is the answer. Also the doctor has lost his livelihood for going with his conscience and his knowledge by making his patients well.

  • so sad, and they were sending a message to other doctors that "growing a conscience and poking your nose into the government/phama business" will get you fired, I still wonder why if they think NDT is SOOO bad why are they still making it (not that I don't want them to) and ive come up with this, I'm guessing there is a whole other set of rules about medications for the elite, government and doctor world, example - Hillary Clinton on NDT, or Magic Johnson (united states basketball player, came down with AIDS way back in the day, when people were dying from it, he disappears from the spotlight, but, gets well and thrives) case in point, there IS a cure for the rich and famous and for those doctors who know about cures and fail to cure or heal patients, I hope these people that KNOWINGLY squash cures end up with that disease on the other side when they die, never to heal what ailes them, spending eternity with our symptoms and the faces of those they chose not to help. if that seems dark just think of a doctor standing in front of a parent of a child saying "there is no cure" but knows this to be untrue, how much hurt and pain that family will suffer because of the cowardice acts of our "healers" they are right up there with a serial killer in my opinion

  • I think you may be right - if their Mother, Wife or Daughter wasn't improving if they were hypo, I think they'd try an addition or an alternative.

  • exactly!

  • Having met a senior doctor who had failed to realise he was hypothyroid until someone suggested he get tested, I am not so sure. When I met him, he was clearly still unwell and suffering.

    From the perspective of what I now know/believe he probably really did need someone to point out alternatives to his levothyroxine regime - even if that was only an increased dose to begin with followed by added liothyronine.

  • Helvella, obviously doctors ' do not ' know best. I'm sorry he wasn't feeling well.

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