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My TSH was 5.6

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Yesterday the Specialist called and told me to stop taking my Methamizole since my TSH level was 5.6 and to go in 3 weeks for another blood work on my TSH. Well let's see how it goes since I'm stuck with high blood pressure and been on medication for that, I really believe I got high blood pressure because of these high TSH levels that have left me hypo, and The Specialist still had me taking the Methamizole while my TSH were high... can you get high blood pressure while being hypo? Thanks!

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High blood pressure is a hypo symptom, yes.

Hi there i had high blood pressure whilst being hypo and had to monitor my levels at home but had to carry on with carbimazole but on a 2.5 mg dose-i was not told to come off mine but my blood pressure did return to normal after lowering dose. I see my endo on tuesday so i will be lowering dose again!!😊 good luck sara.😊😊

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