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I’m 56, Peri menopausal, losing hair like crazy, insomnia, major brain fog!!! HERE ARE MY LAB RESULTS!


I’m 56 and peri menopausal. I have RA and I take Enbrel and Sulfasalazine. I have been losing gobs of hair for the past 4 years!!!! I have horrible brain fog, Insomnia, and I have gained 30 pounds in the past year! I crave sugar!! When I eat, it feels like I’m swallowing rocks!! I also have pain in my feet when I get up in the morning. I very much appreciate your input!!!

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Your ferritin and vit D are a bit low, should be at least mid-range.

But, although your have rather low FT4, your TSH and antibodies do not suggest a thyroid problem.

However, T4 and T3 uptake, are the wrong tests. They don't tell us anything useful. It's the Free T3 that you need tested, and that would give us more information. If it is very low, then you could have Central hypo. But without an FT3, we can only guess. :)

Ok, I’m seeing my Endrocronologist tommorow. What exact thyroid tests should I ask for? Do II have to do ALL of them over again since I just had most of them done, except FT3 and FT4? Do they all work together at the same time to give the best answer.

The tests you need are :




vit D

vit B12



As you know you have Hashi's, you don't need to test those again. :)

I don’t NOT know that I have Hashi’s??? What do you mean?

Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you'd said that you did, somewhere.

So, in that case, you need

TPO antibodies

Tg antibodies

To find out if you do have it. :)

What about the Thyroid antibodies tests?

See above.

It warrants a check of your reproductive hormones, to start: estradiol, progesterone, testosterone (free and total), lh, fsh then there are others (dhea-s, shbg, etc.). I might check magnesium rbc as well.

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