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Thyroid result


Hi guys sorry to be a pain, but as some of you know I suffer from anxiety, and so far I have had so much helpful and reassuring advice.

I had my routine thyroid test yesterday. And they were also testing my T3 and T 4 as last time I saw the doctor he wasn’t sure if I was converting or not, as I am still sympathetic. Anyway the receptionist called today and asked me to make an appointment to see the doctor, I know this is a really silly question but has anyone any idea why I would be called in.

Thanks in advance


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I imagine it will be to discuss your test results.

Yeah i know im just been silly again. Just dont like it when i have to see a doctor. They have never asked to see me for thyroid before, only for annormal results for kidney and liver. But ive only had thyroid tested this time.

Thank you for your reply

Anxiety is absolutely horrendous. I had a day of it today, with other symptoms. I felt so bad I shoved my head in a pillow & screamed 😳🙂for some instant relief.

Have you got some magnesium at hand to take tonight to help relax?

If you remember just one thing, it's to get your results in print (not sure if you aware but you're legally ENTITLED to these care of the data protection act) & post them here & as you know you'll get support from this fab bunch 🙂 I hope the anxiety subsides ASAP. All the best.

Jennymiddle in reply to Paula101

Thank you for your reply. I am having blood test every 4 weeks and every time i have a problem. Last time ir was my kidneys the time before was liver and so on. It just sends me mad not knowing what it could be. I am there at 8.30 so not long to wait. Sorry you felt so anxious today hope u feel a bit better. Anxiety is a horrible illness. I was able ro view my results on line but for some reason they have stoped it now.

Thank you

You're welcome. No wonder you are feeling anxious when you are worried about your other tests.

And thank you, I do feel better this evening, just popped my magnesium about half hour ago so feeling calmer.

Good luck with your appointment 👍🏻🙂

CAM0005 in reply to Paula101

How much magnesium a day/night do you take?

Jennymiddle in reply to CAM0005

Hi I don’t take any, not even sure what it is sorry

I am the same but rather than it being anxiety: I’m impatient. I always ask why am I being called in whenever I am asked to go in to the GP because I simply don’t want the added stress of worrying... then I ask for the figures and ranges and I’m straight on google going into that appointment with a plan of action 😂

Anxiety is most definately a symptom of Thyroud disease as you must already know.

I have Graves’ disease and my anxiety was through the roof !

I thought it would be like that forever and was terrified of living like that for the rest if my life !

But !! After I became Euthyroid

My anxiety almost disappeared completely .

I only feel a bit excitable when things get a bit hectic and I take

Lemon Balm



Hey presto ! .. anxiety gone !

Good luck at your appt .

Luv mx🌹

Adequate medication for thyroid, magnesium and B vitamins all help anxiety. What are your test results?


Hi, Jenny, and sorry to hear you are anxious. First thing I'd like to add is that there is no point in being anxious about anything thyroid related because it will be a S L O W process of educating yourself and your GP [if s/he has sufficient humility and intelligence to a) admit their need for education and b) the intelligence to absorb the information - which, if not, will just make her/him angry, but project that anger onto you. So don't take it personally].

Secondly, here's a preduiction. The blood levels of your T3 and T4 will mean very little to your GP. S/he will only be interested in your TSH level, which for the most part is only a rough guide as to what might perhaps, occasionally, intermittently, oddly and idiosyncratically be happening to your body's usage of thyroid hormones at that particular time of day/month/circumstance/situation. This will mean they won't take too much notice of your symptoms, including anxiety, which will all be put down to variable neuroses of some kind, generally under the banner of hypochondriac: see everything in [....] above. Which means you are going to have to educate yourself and start to take control of your own treatment.

This will be a long and S L O W process, so don't be disheartened. You can and will get better and there are some fantastically knowledgeable expert patients on this site and you'll get masses and masses of help.

Lastly, you might have one of the rare beasts, an enlightened GP, in which case I'm talking out my bum so ignore everything I've written.

Hi thank you so much for your reply which is really Imformative. I do have a good doctor but the one I saw this morning has lowered my dose, he said my bloods show I’m over medicated, so I will just have to try harder with the weight loss etc 😂

Thank you

So being overmedicated caused me dreadful anxiety...which did go away once my levels dropped!

Try cutting out all added sugars, grains (and possibly dairy too) for weight loss. I did this for thyroid and general inflammation and the weight came off easily after years of trying to lose weight with no success. By easily I mean about a few pounds a month even though I was still eating enough to feel full.

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