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Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee result

Well today I'm so happy I could cry, went to the doctor a few weeks ago feeling really rough, all my joints were hurting, feeling sick, tired be on believe, my thoat felt like I had something stuck in it well the list goes on and on, had all my bloods done but to be told they all have come back within the recommend guideline same old story, went back this morning seen a different doctor to be told actually my result were high end and that my thyroxin should be increased, so the story goes that it has been increased by 50g so now taking 150g, so hopefully in a few weeks might start to feel better can't wait, take care vikki x

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good for you hoooooooo!

It is a really good idea for us all to have a printout of our blood test results rather than just accepting what our doc's say. Ask the doc's receptionist to give you a printout and ask what the lab ranges are for each result. It seems that some docs believe that being within the range is acceptable whereas we know that we need our TSH to be under 1 and our Free T4 towards the top or even above the lab range.

I do hope that you will soon feel better but it may take a while before the tabs get into your system.

It really does pay to have a second opinion!


I would like to know what the numbers on the results actually mean. There is very little written about it on any web site. My doctor has given me the results but what am I meant to be? My TSH is 5.8 is this good/middling or bad? What is the range for the T4? The good news is he has started me on the lowest dose of thyroxine but too soon to say if it is making a difference. Well I no longer need to tweeze the hairs from the chin so that is a start


Thanks guy for the comment, I dint even go about my test as I Thought what's the point they have already told me that it was in the normal range but she ask me how I was I said I was still feeling bad then that when she said actually your result have come in high, I think that must of been my tsh that was high as my free t4 was 12.1. I think it all depends on the doctor some really care as others just look at you as a number not a person. Viiki


doctors say the TSH max should be 3.5 and other doctors say it should be between 0.6-2.5 as long as you feel good

<b>Updated on Aug 9 2010 7:48PM:</b> doctors say the range is to large and a smaller range of 0.6 - 2.5 is more useful


It is very important to get a hard copy print out of the of the test results because the ranges do actually vary from lab to lab depending which make of tester they use. The numbers tell you the concentration of the measured hormones in the blood serum, and they are usually expressed in terms of (International) Units units per Litre. Keep the copies of your results in a file and record what your dose was, how you felt, and so on. That way you can monitor your own condition for youself and know when your doc is fobbing you off. Scotty.


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