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Results help please

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My latest results on 112,5 mcg t4 and 12,5 mcg t3 is

Tsh 0.008 (0.27_4.2)

Free T3 5.9 (3.1-6.8)

Free T4 20.3 (12-22)

Total t4 88.8 (59-154)

Been in this dose for 6 weeks. I'm still tired and have palps. Do you think I should decrease t3 to 6.25 or levo by 12.5?

My tgab has gone from 274 to 229 is this significant or is it just the way of the desease? I stopped gluten 3 months ago.


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Those results actually look good. How are your B12, folate, ferritin and vit D?

All good. I don't know my current ferritin though as I had it tested last time in November.

So you don't think I should lower t4 dose by 12.5?

How much would that decrease my free t3 levels do you think?

5.9 or higher is about where you want your free t3 to be if taking T3. If anything I'd decrease T4. Impossible to say how much your T3 would decrease by. Mine changed very little until I was taking 25mcg. Other people find just a little makes a difference. It took six months or more for my palps to decrease (or perhaps I just got used to them). If palsps worry you, ask for a referral to cardiology for a 24 hour Holter monitor

Would it be good to increase t3 with day 6.25 and decrease t4 by 25? Or better just to decrease t4 by 12.5?

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