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Advice on private endo's north west and referral process please x

Advice on private endo's north west and referral process please x

Gp won't increase my dose again said she doesn't think she should as a non-specialist because I'm in range. (even though last time she increased it slightly as she believed the aim is to be below 2)

She's referring me to a "thyroid specialist" but I all the recent reviews of Salford royal and warrington endo are rubbish.

She referred me to Salford Royal endo pcos specialist end of Jan and I still haven't heard anything. I rang to be told I'm on a 16 week waiting list which is OK because it's within the 18 week target...

I can't wait another 4 months.

Does any one know if I can asked to be referred to private instead? Do I need a referral to see someone private? And does anyone know of any good private ones in the north west?

I've had the list off Louise at thyroid UK but there's not many. I was recommended one at warrington someone saw a couple of years ago but looks as though they've left or just getting bad reviews now they NHS is being so restricted.

She's also referring me for a thyroid ultrasound which is a positive but not sure how long the wait for that will be.

I increased my dose myself with what I had left expecting her to increase it considering she did last time with lower tsh so I'm going to run out of meds now :( I only increased since Wednesday might be in my head but I think I was feeling a bit better x

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sorry you've not had a reply to this post, but see later posts are answered


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