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Enlarged Goitre!


I know why the goitre enlarges, but has anyone had a personal experience of this, if so what was the outcome please? My best friends mum is in hospital and she’s elderly. She’s lethargic and not eating along with other symptoms. Her goitre is enlarged and is getting bigger and feels a choking sensation, which is normal I know of an enlarged goitre. The good old NHS haven’t picked up on this and are unlikely to if her bloods are in range. Any feedback would be helpful please. Thanks in advance.

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Sometimes it just needs pointing out to the medical staff. They are not trained in observation any more, just go by blood results. I had a goitre which my GP did not notice, although he knows my quite well socially. When I pointed it out, he said in a pleased voice "oh, I know what that means!". It did go with treatment.

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Thank you.

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Can the thyroid reduce in size?

Yes, with the right treatment, it will reduce in size and my neck now looks normal.

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