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In pain 😞

Help! My foot is so painful, when I walk any distance it seems to flare up and it's painful to walk on. The ball feels so tender. Also pains going down my leg, my leg just feels so sore.

And left side chest and arm pain and numbness in fingers. And sharp stabbing pains in eyes and ears.

I'm aware that thyroid problems cause a lot of different issues but I'm worried I'm developing nerve damage.

I'm sick of this pain and it's effecting my day to day life x

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What are you B12 levels like?

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Last time they tested about 9 months ago it was around 350


If this is serum B12 it's pretty low. The rule of thumb is you need to be comfortably over 500, and you can have nerve damage symptoms with anything below that.

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It's either low Thyroid readings or low Vits etc or both! As for thyroid bloods and Vit D. B12, folate and ferritin to be tested then start a new post when you get your results.


I have a problem with my foot that seems to be unrelated to my thyroid - but could be a hypermobile toe joint - and use Potter's comfrey oil. It reduces any inflammation.

I had pins and needles in my feet. Sometimes it was so bad it would wake me up. My B12 was in range but close to the bottom so I take sublingual methylcobalamin.

I had pain up the backs of my thighs and what's probably best described as electric shocks across my torso and even into my armpits. I started using magnesium oil last week and the pains have almost completely gone.

NOTE: This is only my experience and might not be the same for you. I would suggest asking your GP to check all your vitamins and minerals so 1. you don't waste money on things you don't need and 2. you don't risk overdosing on fat soluble vits and mins.


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