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Upper back pain


As I did a search for this, I realised how many posts I had made about different aches and pains I have had, unexplained things that seem to rectify themselves over time, and I think' Oh yeah I remember that time' Anyhow this brings me to my latest pain which is sort of upper back running across where my bra strap is, had it for two days, just feels achey and bruised just turning my head makes it hurt, sitting at my desk today actually helped so maybe it's a posture thing but today the pain moved from left to centre. Finding it hard to sleep it's as if my ribs are sore, who knows...

So sick of this condition every few weeks/months something else rears it's painful head

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Do you have good levels of vitamin D? I had levels which weren't very bad, but weren't very good either, and improving my levels fixed lots of aches and pains.

I have to agree with humanbean here - I've had various aches and pains over the years thinking it was all down to getting older or else they just weren't bad enough to complain about - they were just there nearly all the time.  Since getting my vitamin D levels up I very rarely have any aches now unless I've over exerted myself

Inflammation can be the underlying cause in some people. Eliminating gluten is vital in Hashimotos patients. Taking care of spinal health is very important and a visit to a Chiropractor is worth considering. Paying attention to posture will help too :)

Yep - every few weeks/months something else rears its painful head!!!

I agree with the comments about D3. It seems that many people are low in D3 due to not spending time outdoors and being told to cover up. I had low D3 and now that my levels are higher my joint pain is much improved. 

I've been taking D3 in spray form so i might not be that, just feel really poorly, now my arms hurt almost like I have been exercising the day before but haven't. I sometimes wonder if I have ME

I have been trying to find an answer to this for years.  I also have heart problems.  Drs not at all interested in my arm pain.  When heart checks are completed thinking of making appointment with orthopaedic specialist.  When having a ct scan, with arms held above head, just as scan finished I was in terrible pain, took over 20 minutes to calm down.  My thyroid readings are fine at the moment.

Marz in reply to Rosy_Holly

Have just been reading your other posts after reading about your hospital experience.  Glad you are now sorted !  When you say above that your Thyroid readings are fine - do you actually have the latest results with ranges ?  Did they test the FT3 ?  hearts and LOW T3 so often go together.  Am wondering if your levo is converting from T4 into the ACTIVE hormone FT3 .....  Sometimes fine does not mean something that is good for you ....

Tiz just a thought :-)

humanbean in reply to Rosy_Holly

Not being able to hold my arms above my head for more than a few seconds was one of my more distressing symptoms when I was untreated or under-treated. If I persisted the pain was unbearable.

It wouldn't cross the mind of a non-sufferer how often people need to raise their arms during normal living.

Getting adequately treated and improving my vitamins and minerals has helped enormously.

Dear Marz , thank you for thinking of me. I'm writing from a hospital bed in central London .  Being prepped for blood tests tomorrow.  Hopefully when home I can look at your suggestion.  I have had blood tests with blue horizon last year which had the T3 vit D etc.  My more recent tests are on the NHS  and are only forTSH and T 4.

I met someone in the next bed , very unwell, she has a TSH 90+ The hospital is making an appointment to see for her yet another Endo.  Now sent home, I told her about Thyroid Uk and HealthUnlocked Thyroid.  I was shocked at how she was being treated.

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