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Hi everyone,

Seem to be having a really horrid bout of insomnia at the moment. Any one else get this intermittently?! With things as they are for me at this current point, I think it’s probavly hormone related as I’ve just had a blood tests showing a hashis flare.. although there’s probably a bit of worry in it too.

Any successful remedies for getting some sleep please?! Prescription meds make me feel rough.. have also tried cherry juice before bed & mindfulness along with all sleep hygiene etc!

Any other tricks would be greatly received! I’m one crazy tired mumma 😴 thank you x

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Magnesium ? Sleep issues could be related to Adrenals and the Circadian Clock that is naturally part of the workings in your body. VitC is good for adrenals - lots and lots :-) - they gobble it up !


I get phases of this too but don't have a solution! I've just ordered some lavender oil to see if that might help.( I take magnesium)


I also have this problem- I have found that I need to avoid any kind of exercise after 4, I have to avoid any conflict or anything else that gets me wound up. There are some really good apps on Google play for sleep hypnosis that helps too.


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