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Hi all.

Yesterday I woke up with a lump on the right side of my neck. Suspected thyroid enlarged/goitre but it hasn’t been confirmed. I had the flu 2 weeks ago and still have a cough that brings up phlegm and I’m fatigued every day. My ears are also still blocked and pop every day and I didn’t feel myself up until 2 days ago.

I had an emergency doctors appt the same day and I was referred for scans straight away and had blood tests taken there and then to check my haemoglobin levels and thyroid function etc.

So after doing some research I found that thyroid issues are closely linked to iodine deficiency and there is a type of Thyroiditis that happens as the result of a viral infection (this is what I’m hopeful for) called De Quervain’s thyroiditis.

I’ve also not long ago moved to a vegan diet so it is possible I am deficient in iodine although I don’t have any other symptoms just what I mentioned above. I’m not having difficulty beathing or swallowing as such, but I am conscious it’s there and can feel it in my neck.

My thyroid gland is also unilateral which points to infection or De Quervains.

Has anyone else experienced similar?

I’m 23 y/o female.


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Autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto's) causes 90% of hypothyroidism and goitre may develop as the thyroid gland swells to attempt to produce more thyroid hormone or becomes inflamed by high TSH flogging the gland.

Can you post the results and ranges of the blood tests you had done?

There are a couple of posts about De Quervain's in healthunlocked.com/search/d...


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