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levothyroxine and keto diet


I am on keto diet from last 2weeks. From few days onwards my throat is inflamming and i am constipated. Please help me. Is it a throat infection or thyroid gland or adrenal gland is inflamming. how to know? Shall i stop taking levothyroxine during keto diet?

I am at my correct weight. Why i am doing keto diet is to make my immune system strong. Because always i am effecting with some infections. Always taking antibiotics to cure my healt.

My intention during keto diet is not to loose weight but want to heal my hypothyroidism, and want to make my immune system strong.


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The only thing I know about this is that some hypothyroid people love a low carb, high fat diet, and it makes them feel good overall. Although I'm no sure this means going all the to ketosis, it may just mean cutting down.

But others can feel very bad on it. This is something to do with the energy releasing processes in the mitochondria that make use of T3. I believe that both sugar and T3 are required at the beginning of the process.

Anyway, my anecdotal experience is that thyroidies either get on very well or very badly with a low carb diet. I believe it's fine to go low-ish carbs, but just not all the way to ketosis.


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