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Hashimoto and lung noudles

My recent CT scan shows 2 small lung noudles. I have read somewhere that your autoimmune condition can cause it. If anyone has similar condition please share as I am on the crossroads. I was suggested by the NHS to have a bronchoscopia done to investigate the cause of those noudles. They keep talking about infection/inflammation/tuberculosis etc as the cause and not mention my Hashimoto/autoimmune at all.

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This is very interesting Gall_Ka. I had a shoulder MRI last year which found problems in my lungs and I was referred to a respiratory specialist, who did more tests and found similar - scarring, inflammation and a nodule, incorrect breathing and probable small airway obstruction and then went on at length about tuberculosis, bronchitis, working with asbestos, visiting Chernobyl :( etc. He asked about autoimmune conditions but wasn't very interested in my thyroid, he wanted to know if I had Lupus or rheumatoid arthritis etc, which I don't have. None of this makes any sense to me because I'm not aware of breathing problems nor have I had any obvious lung infections in the past.

He's monitoring the nodule with another CT scan in June which will be 9 months since the last one, and said if it had altered he'd arrange a PET scan, and then if necessary a biopsy. If this could be connected with a thyroid problem, even if mine isn't supposed to be auto-immune, that makes far more sense to me than that at some time in the past I had a serious infection which I didn't notice!

I'll be very interested to see what other replies you get, if others have had the same thing happen and to know how you get on. Good luck :)


Wow, this is interesting! Yes I’ve got this too. After the original scan they wanted to do a bronchoscopy and talked about long term antibiotics, which I didn’t want. I’ve been on a lot in my life. So I resisted and then had another ct scan a couple of years later which showed the nodules were no worse so they put it down to the effects of long term asthma. I have to cough up gunk every day. They had originally mentioned a cousin of tb but no mention of my Hashimotos.


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