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Hypo Causes Low or High Blood Pressure?


Hi all, thanks for taking the time to read. Is there a definitive answer on if people who have hypothyroidism (mine is caused by Hashimoto's) causes LOW or HIGH blood pressure? I cannot seem to find much online, just more confusing info!

Any feedback would be appreciated.


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These are some past posts which might be helpful.


For me it has caused high blood pressure, hope that helps.

thyroidrose in reply to Syd35

Thank you Syd

when I need a dose increase my blood pressure goes very low. Like my entire system stops working. My heart rate goes very low as well.

Very interesting, thank you Kalicocat. Can you feel symptoms of low blood pressure like lightheadedness, or do you know your pressure is low because you test it?

I feel very lightheaded, breathless, dizzy when standing up and when I test my BP is very low. Sometimes as low as 80 something over 40 something. I also get very very bad palpitations, feels like bigemeny or afib. I'm set for another holtometer again.

My understanding is that people react quite differently. I have low blood pressure and its getting higher as I increase my dose. Others have the opposite experience.

My pulse is fairly high, though. When I was extremely hypo it was low normal, as I raised my dose it went up, and now I'm still raising and its reducing again.

Thank you Silver Avocado. I also have low blood pressure at the moment and believe I am hypo although I was hyper about a month ago. It's all so confusing!

It sounds as though you have thyroid antibodies. These tend to attack in fits and starts. When your thyroid is under antibody attack some of its cells are destroyed and large amounts of hormone are released into the bloodstream, making you temporarily hyper. Once this peak has worked its was out of your system you end up with a smaller, less capable thyroid, which means you become more hypo after each attack.

I think it is complicated because hypothyroidism causes a degree of hypothermia which constricts blood vessels, causing higher blood pressure. However, hypothyroidism also stresses adrenals which can result in lower blood pressure. Go figure...so it's anybody's guess.

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