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Advice please

I had my yearly blood test in September 2017 and these were my levels:

TSH- 0.18

T4- 17.1


B12- 324

I have an underactive thyroid and am taking levothyroxine at 100mcg. Can anyone tell me if my levels are ok please. I am trying to loose weight, I go swimming twice a week and eat a healthy balanced diet yet can't seem to lose weight. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :)

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Can you edit your post to put the ranges in please?

Your B12 looks to be too low. Have you had/or can you get Vit D, Folate and iron tested?


I suffer with low iron and have iron injections. Sorry what do you mean edit my post to put my ranges in? I called the doctors for results and this is what they told me.


Labs often use different ranges, those are the numbers in brackets, after your actual result. It's important to know, where in the range your result is.

If you have B12 injections, your numbers should be higher (depending on ranges of course)

Often with hypothyroidism, vitamins and mineral are often on the low side or deficient.


Ok thank you, i will get the doctors to print out my results and post tomorrow. Thanks again :)


You need to know results for Vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12

Your B12 looks low in range.

Always get actual results and ranges on all tests

Be helpful to get the ranges on Thyroid tests too


The ranges can vary quite a bit from lab to lab. As an example my local hospital range for FT3, the top end is 6.8 but I go to a different hospital and the top of FT 3 range is 5.7 so on one my result looks high and good where it should be on NDT bitcthe other local one I would look pretty low orcrather not optimal. So without the ranges for your resultswe would just be guessing!


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