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Hypothyroid and PCO

Hello everyone

I was diagnosed with underactive thyroid in 2017 in March. GP put me on 25mcg levothyroxin. Then after 3 months TSH was even more high, so he changed it to 50 mcg. After 6 weeks, got blood work again which showed TSH had gone down but still not the right level so increased to 75mcg and again after few months to 100 mcg. Then TSH reduced below normal level, so now most recently I am on 88mcg. Should be taking tests after a few weeks. And they also did a thyroid ultrasound, after seeing the report, endocrinologist told me it is a condition called Hashimoto's disorder. I also gained 13 kgs of weight and stopped having my periods since March 2017. Just had it once in the month of August but it was just like spotting. GP previously told me it could be due to the thyroid problem. But I had an ultrasound done in September 2017, everything was okay only they couldnt clearly observe the left ovary in the ultrasound (I dont know why). I am due to see a gynacologist next week, I am freaking out thinking what she is going to say. I have had PCO about 8 years ago, I had some medicines for 3 months then GP told me I no more had PCO, took me off the meds and I have had normal period since then. Only thing is my cycle was like somewhere between 35-40 days. But since I have been having my periods, I didnt bother. But now I dont have periods for about a year now. I would like to have a baby in the next 2 years. Is this pco and hypothyroidism together gonna be a big problem to concieve? Also I am worried because now my thyroid hormones are almost fine in fact a little on the excess side( that's why the doctor reduced my dose) so why hasn't my period returned yet?

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It is essential to have thyroid levels and vits good for pregnancy .Suggest you get all tested and post for advice.

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Hey thank you for your response. Will get the vit tests done. But still wondering why my periods haven't got back to normal!


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