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Hello, I have moved here from America. I did quite a bit of research on this board and on others so in preparation for the move I asked my doctor to give me a prescription for a year so I would have time to find a doctor. I was wondering if I should use the pharmacies already listed or if I could use any of the others? My prescription is for Armour. Please pm me with suggestions if that is the best way.

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You need very deep pockets if you want to get Armour in the UK

Better to get relatives in USA to bring it over for you



You can use any pharmacy which will accept your prescription. Do shop around though because Armour is very expensive in the UK and price varies.

There are online pharmacies in this link who are able to obtain NDT

Email dionne.fulcher if you want a list of member recommended endos and private GPs. You will need to check with their offices to see if they support prescribing Armour as not all do.

Armour and other brands of NDT aren't licensed in the UK so won't be prescribed on NHS.

You can import medicines into the UK for your personal use so it would be perfectly legal to have friend or family send you Armour from the USA.


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