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Help for a newbie please!


I'm new here and looking for a recommendation of sourcing tiromel if that's possible, I have found a Turkish site and and almost ordering but conformation of a good source would help!

I have hashimotos, live on an Island in the uk and i haven't found a GP who listens... I'm on 175mcg levothyroxine, still struggling with weight gain and I have been seeing a functional practitioner monthly since may last year and have had private thyroid blood tests done with medichecks and it showed my T3 was quite low, it didn't test for Reverse T3. I am a fitness instructor so energy and looking half decent would help!!

Many thanks

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Welcome to our forum and Research has shown that many improve with a T4/T3 combination.

If you can post your results of the blood tests you've had, along with the ranges members can make better responses to your post.

Did you have your blood draw at the very earliest, fasting and allow a gap of 24 hours between your last dose of levo and the test?

If members have information they will send you a Private Message as it is not permitted on the forum to give information of where to source prescription medications.

I will close your post just in case information is posted but you will still get private messages from those who have information.

I would put up a fresh post giving your blood test results with the Ranges and you can also state you are going to add in some T3, so that you get more responses on how best to recover your health.

As you are a Fitness Instructor, obviously you will use up your T3 quickly as it is the only Active thyroid hormone needed in our T3 receptor cells. Exercising depletes T3 more quickly

Thank you so much for your reply, sorry I didn't mean to ask the wrong thing!

Oh my goodness... your suggestions just show how different things are over here... thank you, I'll compost a new post which is hopefully better when I have a quiet moment (I have 4 kids too!)

Thank you

With four children to also care for you definitely need an optimum of hormones -despite what doctors/endos state. I think Endocrinologists should only treat patients if they, themselves, have hypothyroidism and not recovered on levothyroxine. p.s. I didn't close your post which I will do so now but a private message can still be sent.

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