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I have terrible throbbing, burning and needles in my feet. A heaviness. My elbows and hips hurt too alithough not as bad or as easily as my feet. My GP told me today the pain is related to my thyroid issues she gave me gabapentin to try.

I have a rather large goiter, but it doesn’t interfere with my eating or speech. Ive taken 2 grains of NatureThroid daily for six months even though my TSH is 1.2 before I started it. It was prescribed by a MD that is a self proclaimed specialist on thyroid disorders. His speciality is family practice.

I’m confused. DOES thyroid imbalances cause body pain? Have you had this type of pain? If so, what did you do?

Thanks, Melissa

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If you post your recent thyroid results and ranges I can tell you whether you are optimally dosed on 2 grains NatureThroid.

If you are optimally dosed you shouldn't be experiencing pain. Thyroid pain is more likely to be fibromyalgia type muscle and bone aches. The neuropathy you describe is more often associated with diabetes or B12 deficiency. Has your GP checked HbA1c, B12 and folate?


I will look up my results. I e never had them drawn after I started NatureThroid. I’ve been on it for five months. I DO have blood work from before I started the NatureThroid.

As for my pain. I have both, burning AND aching muscles and joints. My feet plus my hips and hands. The back of my legs tighten up. I have to stretch constantly. I feel better. But it starts all over again.

As far as my other labs: My A1c is fine. I’m not sure I ever had my folate or B12 tested.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for answering. I feel alone Clutter. Xoxo


Hi I have exactly the same burning sensation in foot, muscle aches and wrist pain. Dr did tests for diabetes and b12 and my thyroid as I've been on levothyroxine for 16 years. Tests came back normal apart from low blood count and thyroid in the low range so rejust levothyroxine to 100 and gave me Amitriptyline 10mg for foot.

Doesn't seem to be helping with the burning sensation but am sleeping better, just struggling to wake up. Didn't feel over medicated so am wondering if foot is result of this.


Clutter, I had saliva tests 10 days after I started the NatureThroid. Back in August, 2017.

TSH .7

Free T4 1.7

Free T3 2.6

TPOab 15

My progesterone was low which thru off my ratio to estrogen too. I supplement progesterone now.

My cortisol was

4.9 morning (average)

6.7 noon (high) top of the range is 3.0

6.9 evening (high) top of the range is 1.9

3.7 nite (high) top of the range is 1.0

Any ideas?


De8813, I just started gabapentin two weeks ago. It is really helping with the burning and throbbing feet. Not the sore muscles and stiffness though. I’m not crazy about taking it. I’d rather treat the source. Not the symptoms. Is the amitrypline helping?


Bump. Please help.


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