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Blue Horizons Salivary Cortisol Results

Hi, I'm new here and was hoping someone could help me make sense of salivary cortisol test results. I got the kit from Blue Horizon, after reading about them here.

The doctor that interpreted the results wrote that my waking salivary cortisol level is high, and suggested that I might take the test again (to check if it's consistent), and also take a blood serum test.

Here are the results (units are nmol/L):

08:00: 24.5 (normal range 6.0 - 21.0) HIGH

12:00: 7.10 (normal range 1.5 - 7.6)

16:00: <1.5 (normal range 0 - 5.5)

22:00: <1.5 (normal range 0 - 2.0)

Anyone had similar results, or can tell me what these could indicate? (BTW, I'm not taking any supplements)

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Welcome to the forum, OwenO.

I'm sorry you've had no replies. Feel free to repost your question.


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