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Saliva cortisol results , advice please

Hi , hope you don't mind .

I posted last week re ongoing problems and have had the saliva cortisol results back today.

Please can anyone interpret if anything is off. One reading is high but all others seem in range. Is this inconclusive ?

The noon result was high . I hadn't eaten or experienced anything stressful at that point. But it wasn't one of my worst days.

Results. nmol/w

Cortisol waking 11.50. Range 6.0 -21.0

12 noon. * 23.80 Range. 1.5 -7.6.

14.00pm. 2.83. Range 0 - 5.5

16.00pm. 2.57. Range. 0 - 5.5

18.00pm. <1.5. Range. 0 - 4.5

Before bed. <1.5. Range 0 - 2.0

Thank you xx

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I don't know much about cortisol but the following link may be helpful.



Thank you xx

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Can't interpret but see stopthethyroidmadness.com/l...

"We noted repeatedly that those will healthy adrenal function will have the following saliva results:

8 am: at the literal tip top of the range

11 am-noon: in the upper quarter

4-5 pm: mid-range

11 pm to midnight: at the very bottom (literally)."


Thank you x


Luckily most of your results are within range but it's worth keeping a check on your levels. Do you have any other symptoms like rapid weight gain, insomnia, round face, muscle weakness, excess hair? Besides long term use of steroids there are other causes. High cortisol levels can be caused by a benign tumour in either your pituitary or adrenal glands.


Hi PaulineS

No I have the opposite which Is why I was sure I had low cortisol symptoms.

Weak , shaky , food intolerance , headache, nausea, stomach pain and unable to eat much, constipation, loss of body hair , bone pain, pains and pins and needles in limbs, thinning skin, shortness of breath, dizzy, unable to tolerate any noises , confusion, disoriented, high anxiety , over the top reaction to anything . My heart pounds but feels weak.

I have low folate and very low vit d plus ferritin is not great.


The opposite of Cushing's is Addison's - have you looked at that at all?


Hi williamsa , can you remind us please, are you on any thyroid meds? T4 (thyroxine/levo) or T3 (liothyronine) ? Have you checked that you do not have Hashimoto's - ie raised thyroid antibodies?


Hi , PaulineS and Marigold22 not on thyroid meds and blood test in June ish showed no antibodies.

My saliva cortisol levels seemed middle of the road apart from midday being high. So not Addisons either ? Its all a mystery to me.

I can't be feeling this ill for nothing though, so im not sure apart from my low vitamins which I am unable to tolerate.



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