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Repeat of a past post from Thyroiduk.org.uk

As many members may think that Thyroiduk is only a Healthunlocked member, I am posting a past post which might be helpful to new members of TUK HU:


The more members Thyroiduk.org.uk have the more power for its members in trying to change the attidudes amongst professionals (doctors/endocrinologists).

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Thank you for posting Shaws. I joined Thyroiduk a few years ago. After becoming increasingly unwell with more and more symptoms and banging my head on several walls, no doctor willing to listen to me or help me I found out with the help of Thyroiduk what my body was screaming out to me that my thyroid was struggling. This site and its users gave me the strength to not give up and keep asking doctors to check my thyroid and fight for health. I have now after many years of fighting found an excellent GP who understands and has started me on thyroid meds. I have only been on meds 4 months starting on 50mg and raised to 100mg with a rise today to 125mg and already Im noticing a difference. My hair has stopped falling out, my tongue is no longer swollen, I have a better appetite but started to lose weight and my TSH has gone from 6.93 to 1.25. So thank you Thyroiduk and your lovely supportive users. hugs Joolz.xx

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I, too, wouldn't have recovered if it hadn't been for TUK and I was fortunate to see both Dr P and Dr Skinner (RIP). Dr S was up against the might of the Endocrinology despite his pleas that patients were in a 'parlous situation' by them taking more notice of blood tests than the disabling clinical symptoms. All of them refusing to attend his 'conference' - the last one the day before. Since his death 3 or 4 years ago his staff have been working tirelessly to collate all of his (and his staff's) evidenceand are trying to get it published.

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Finding Thyroid UK was a lifeline for me. I found their information easier to understand and more helpful than BTF and this flow chart helped me enormously when I was struggling to understand my blood test results and being told I was 'borderline' hypothyroid by my GP. thyroiduk.org/tuk/testing/i...

Of course I then found the HU forum and the great wealth of information which is generously shared and has enabled me to understand how to take control and regain my health. I still use the link to Amazon from TUK when buying supplements and will continue my TUK membership.

I gave my MP a copy of the last Harmony magazine (Dec 17) with all the information about the T3 scandal and I will be giving my GP a copy when I see her in a couple of weeks. My MP actually listened and took me seriously, and I believe the magazine adds to the credibility of TUK. It's a slow war we are battling, not helped by being a condition affecting mostly women, but gender issues are taking centre stage, so I'm hopeful that our day will come, and soon.


Hi shaws i joined this forum back in july when first diagnosed and have to say everyone here is a massive help and have i have gained so much knowledge and fight. I just thought i would like to give something back to TUK as a thankyou for peoples support and friendliness, ive purchased the shopping tote bag and it is a reminder then to me off all the help been given to me. Great site.😊😊

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I am a member of TUK and Administrators are volunteers who have no medical training.

However, we have so many excellent members who, through their own experiences, can be very helpful to others who are struggling and with support we can find our way forward.

If we've had to struggle to get diagnosed and/or have remaining clinical symptoms that a doctor or endocrinologist cannot or will not resolve, we find, through this forum, that there are thousands with similar stories and that we can, by trial and error, relieve our symptoms.

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