Thyroid UK - More than just a forum!

Many, many members of this Thyroid UK Support group seem unaware that Thyroid UK is actually a charity and that we have another website full of useful information

One of the many very useful pages on the site is the one that details the thyroid medications available to UK patients. The brands and types are listed, together with their ingredients.

There is also a 'shop' section where you can buy Thyroid UK merchandise, thyroid books and back issues of our membership magazine.

Payment is easy... just use PayPal ;)

There are also lots of 'case studies' for you to browse through. These are stories written by thyroid patients in their own words, telling how much they've suffered and sometimes how they've recovered.

Thyroid UK can only continue to exist if sufficient funds are raised to support the running costs involved. Hence, there is a 'donation page' where you can contribute towards this.

Thyroid UK also has a membership which includes:

•Subscription to our quarterly magazine, Harmony

•Discounts on Nutricentre & Supersupps products

•Advance notice of tickets for conferences

By being a member of Thyroid UK you are contributing enormously towards helping run the Thyroid UK office which in turn helps all of us with thyroid disease.

Finally, we have a very helpful Information Pack which contains in-depth information on the thyroid as well as the list of Private GPs and information on private testing.

The Information Pack is an A4 size folder containing the following documents:

•About Us

•The Endocrine System – An Overview

•The Thyroid Gland – An Overview


•Signs and Symptoms of Hypothyroidism


•Signs and Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism

•Named Patient Basis

•The Role of Vitamins and Minerals in Thyroid Disease

•The Thyroid and Drugs, Chemicals and Foods

•Getting a Diagnosis and Starting Treatment

•Thyroid Antibodies by Dr B Durrant-Peatfied

•Hashimoto’s Disease by Dr B Durrant-Peatfield


•Recommended Books

•Test Results Booklet

•Thyroid UK Membership Form

•Thyroid UK Fundraising Leaflet

•Thyroid UK Poster


•Private Doctors

•Support Network

•The Role of The Adrenal Glands by Dr B Durrant-Peatfield

•Information on Private Testing & Phlebotomy

•Information Pack Feedback Form

9 Replies

  • yeah its more than a charity- we are famiillyyy

  • Thank you for that info Louise. I have just downloaded and filled in the membership form and will be posting it off tomorrow.

    I have been so blessed by this forum and how much only God could evaluate. So thanks again.

    Happy Christmas and 2016 to you and your family.


  • we are familyyyy and FRIENDLY which I s more than I can say for some communities here

  • Just found this site.     It is a Godsend.

  • I'm interested in becoming a member and I just attempted to register on your website, however there are no gender neutral honorifics to choose from other than 'Dr' and I'd like to be able to use 'Mx'. Would it be possible to update these options to make this community more welcoming to transgender people?

  • It seems that I can submit the form without selecting an honorific, so that'll suit me for now. :)

  • Thank you for your feedback. We have asked out web-team to make a change to all of the order and contact forms.



  • I'm taking 150 thyroxine can I take raspberry keytone tablets

  • Can I suggest starting a new thread with your question.



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