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“Genetic Testing and How to Clean Up Your Genes for the Long Term.”

Dirty Genes Summit organised by Dr Ben Lynch

Day 7 speakers are:

James Maskell, The Future of Healthcare: Affordability, Education & Sustainability

Elizma Lambert, What Lab Results Really Tell You

Carrie Jones, Hormone Testing Made Easy

Jess Armine, Chronically Ill? Why You May Not Be Improving

Bernarda Zenker, Symptoms Are Caused By These

Shelese Pratt, How Genetic Testing Should be Interpreted


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Thanks mourneadventurer and wish I had listened to more of this. I was keen to listen to James Maskell (have come across his name before) and must say that the UK have lost a genuine entrepreneur. He speaks sense and really has some terrific ideas for healthcare in the future.


Perhaps Dr Lynch will do an extension rerun this week? I’ve done the Dirty Genes course and questionnaires and I’m now working my way through this potentially life changing book of the same name. I reckon I’ll be referring to it for years to come.

Best Wishes


What's the course and questionnaires then mourneadventurer ? Definitely sounds like a recommendation for the book, may I ask if it's written in an easy to understand style?




What exactly is involved in the course? Does he ask you to take lifestyle and dietary changes? From his Facebook LIVE podcast a few days ago I gathered he's against supplementing generally.


Hello Serendipitous,

I completed the online course made up of podcasts and questionnaires to test knowledge and understanding as I waited for the book release which I’m now reading.

Dr Lynch has worked out the synchronicity of cleaning 7 key genes. His questionnaires throughout the Dirty Genes book guide the reader to learning what supplements they need and the importance of not up-regulating one system against another. Hence the sequencing of gene cleaning and the importance of accurate testing.

Absolutely fascinating to learn and understand myself after all these years and guide me toward understanding why I became hypothyroid 30 years ago! This gives me hope that I can reverse it by implementing the strategies suggested.

As I’ve said elsewhere this book has the potential to be life-changing for the better.

Best Wishes


Yes Dirty Genes is very easy to read and relevant. Dr Ben Lynch has personal experience of cleaning up his own and his families key genes. This protocol is what he now uses with patients.

What I have found enlightening has been that given the correct conditions all genes can alter their expression not only those with polymorphisms I.e even healthy genes can malfunction or underperform.

The sequence of the 7 key gene cleaning that Dr Lynch suggests to be most effective resonates with me and my personal experience of reversing clinical hypothyroidism from T4 monotheraphy with a DIO2 polymorphism!

I recommend this book.

Best Wishes


Thanks very much mourneadventurer, it's definitely fascinating stuff and really pleased that the book is assisting you to improve your health.

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