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My Thyroglobin is low

I dont understand thyroglibin??

My results are

Thyroglobin 5《 60

Thyroglobin antibody 《10 《40

Throperoxidase antibody 12 《35

I think my endo is trying to wow me with her phara. Knowledge!!

PS. I had thyroid cancer and they removed 1/2 in Late Aug. Then for 3 months I begged for hormones!! That was HELL ..BUT I Got em..Im on 125 synthroid for 2 months now and not sure if Im normal yet???!!

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Thyroglobulin is used as a cancer marker post thyroidectomy. As you have half your thyroid gland remaining I'm not sure there is any point in measuring it as you would be expected to have thyroglobulin present.


I had complete thyroidectomy and thyroglobulin is measured annually and is usually <0.01 which is good as means there is no thyroid cell activity. If my thyroglobulin started rising it would indicate thyroid cell activity which could mean recurrence of the Hurthle cell cancer I had. I was told that thyroglobulin <6 meant it was unlikely there was recurrence but, as I said, I have no thyroid at all.

Thyroglobulin antibodies and thyroid peroxidase antibodies are under range so they are negative for autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto's).

If you post your thyroid results and ranges I can tell you whether you are optimally dosed on 125mcg Synthroid.


My thyroid results are in my post just above.



No, they're not. I need to see TSH, FT4 and FT3 results and ranges to see whether you are optimally dosed on 125mcg Synthroid.


I was looking for your response.. for 2 days?? I hate this new format. There is NO notifications. I already posted them (my lab results) earlier.


Something must have gone wrong, and your post with your thyroid results (the ones Clutter asked for - TSH, Free T4 and Free T3 with reference ranges) has not appeared on the forum. (I'm sometimes convinced that I've written a post or a reply then can't find it, so you are not alone - it happens to other people too. :) )

All the posts you've created yourself can be seen here :


And all the replies you've given to posts (you're own and other people's) can be seen here :


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Ok Jan.25th results

Tsh 0.9 0.32 -4

T4 17 9-19

Free T3 3.5 3.1-6

Thyroglob 5 < 60

Thyroglob anti 10 < 40

Thyroperoxidase antibody

12 < 35




'Again'? You haven't posted TSH, FT4 and FT3 on this thread so don't get arsey with me!

TSH is low-normal, T4 is good in the upper range and FT3 is low in range which indicates poor conversion from T4 to T3. There is scope for a dose increase if you still feel symptomatic.


I put them out 3 X

Check under my name and resposes..t4 T3 and tsh



I replied after you eventually posted them the first time 6 hours ago. My reply is still there.


I reposted them


I have a nodule in my left remaining side now..it might have been a cash grab from my surgeon..I was wondering..why not the whole thyroid..they decided on no hormone replacement for 3 months..it was hell.

I go for a biopsy in 2 months..Canada style!!



Where possible the thyroid lobe which does not have a nodule on it is retained as it will usually provide the necessary thyroid hormone. Sometimes it doesn't and the patient will need thyroid replacement.

I can't see your results and ranges on this thread.


Count Range

T3 3.5 3.1-6

Tsh 0.9 0.32 - 4.0

T4 17 9-19


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