TSH is 5.9 (upper range is 5) should i be starting on thyroxine?

Gp has said lab want to re test in 2-3 months as im sub clinical, but i am symptomatic and the tiredness is affecting my everyday life and work is a no go. gp has given me 3 suggestions either see an endocrinologist, do a trial of levothyroxine or wait 2-3 months to do another test. im thinking of a combination of endocrinologist and trial of levothyroxine. what are your opinions?

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  • I think that as you are symptomatic and TSH is already 5.9 that a trial would be a good thing as long as your GP is willing to increase after about 4 to 6 weeks with a blood test and to get your TSH to 1 or below and alleviates your clinical symptoms. In the USA the reference range is up to 3. Many GP's believe that getting the TSH within the reference range is correct but that's not right.

    If you see an Endocrinologist (not all are sympathetic) I would email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org for a copy of a list of sympathetic NHS Endos/private doctors and maybe there is one near you.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  • I'm in a similar position. Taking 25 ug Levo a few weeks and not feeling too alive yet. GP didn't want to raise dose due to BP worries [It has reacted before] but even though I mentioned a friendly Endo from this site [if needed] this wasn't well received. I don't get on too well with my local NHS endo -who is not sympathetic to matters thyroid in my case.

    I really feel I'm pushing endlessly against an entrenched establishment position.

    I had a head injury years ago which was equally neglected & may be involved in thyroid and other issues. [No MRI, just CAT scan showed nothing -6months late!]

    You are lucky to have a listening GP and do well to consider your options on treratment and Endo advice. I think you are well set with this site as a back up, too.

    Keep updating- I need a good result story right now :)

  • Definitely DO NOT leave it for 3 months. I would possibly go down the treatment route first but ask your GP to keep the option of seeing an endo open. Its good that your GP has offered a specialist right at the start of your treatment.

    Moggie x

  • If you re under 60 and don't have any symptoms of heart disease and your GP is prepared to give you a proper trial of levo with a proper starting dose then personally I'd start with that and keep the endo in reserve just in case.

    If you can start levo on at least 75mcg you will soon know whether there is a prospect of it working for you.

  • hi wonder if you can help me ,? just got my reading from blood test , can some explain them to me x here they are on 24/6/13 SERUM TSH LEVEL 75.74. serum free t4 level 5.1. then on the 2/7/13 tsp 63.22. t4 6.7. haemoglobin alc level hi 46. no i was ill , on levothyroxine 75 a day . what does it all mean , thank you x o i have started to feel better lol

  • You really need to ask a question of your own regarding your results as it will get missed if you tag it onto someone else's question.

    Moggie x

  • definitely start thyroxine.

  • ok thank you x

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