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How much T3?

I am on 3 grains of NDT but due to problems with supply I would like to try just T3. I know 1 grain of NDT has 9mcg, so 3x9 is 27mcg. With me so far? Liothyrionine comes in 20 microgram, which I am assuming is the same as mcg, but the packet of Liothyronine from the local chemist is in German!

27mcg seems a lot. Have I got my sums right? Any help or tips really welcome!


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Hi I was on T4/T3 and moved to NDT. I was on 100 T4 and 27/31 T3 and now on 3 grains NDT which is 114 T4 and 27 T3. Sums are correct but you may have a transition and just see how you feel. I moved away from T3 because of supply concerns. Seems a worry for us non Levo folk!



There is 27mcg T3 in 3 grains NDT but there is also 114mcg T4 in the 3 grains. You will be undermedicated on 27mcg T3 only.

3 grains is equivalent to 75mcg T3. I don't advise switching straight over from 3 grains to 75mcg T3. Perhaps you could reduce by 1 grain and add 25mcg T3 and repeat at 2-4 weekly intervals.

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Thanks. I forgot about the T4 which sort of shows how my brain is working at the moment! The GP has put me on 10mcg per day....I can suppliment with T3 from elsewhere. Thanks for the information about gradually changing over, that makes sense and I will try it. Very grateful. Anything to feel half human again!


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