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Flu Injection

I have been a member of Heath Unlocked for nearly a year and have found it most helpful. However I must say say that I object strongly to the NHS sponsored ad about flu injections. I personally feel that they can be dangerous and ineffective. The NHS to be really going to town this year to keep their quotas up and also protect Doctors' bonuses. Do people really realise that they are having a dangerous metal like Mercury injected into their bodies as well as formaldehyde and other adjutants. People are perfectly free to have their own opinions and choice but I feel this is an advert for the NHS. Also where did your figures of people having had the vaccine or not come from. I can't remember a questionnaire been sent round. I must say that I am very disappointed at blatant advertising for the NHS which I might say I admire in many other waysides

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Many members of this thyroid forum agree with you and echo your sentiments. However, it is Health Unlocked (who run these forums) that decided to allow these ads not ThyroidUK.

Let Health Unlocked know how you feel, support.healthunlocked.com/...


I’ve never had and don’t want to have the flu jab and I know there are others like me who use HU but I also know there are people who use HU and who do have the flu jab. It’s a matter of personal choice.

I don’t imagine HU have any opinions on or interest in whether or not their users have the flu jab, they are probably just paid for the advertising, just as doctors are paid for giving the flu jab.

As for where they get their figures from - who knows?


Funny how there is a now shortage and that many GPs were persuaded to pay £3 less per shot for just the Oz flu strain when the extra £3 got the jap strain a well .Half those in hospital have the Jap strain.Meanwhile only 40% of NHS workers have the vaccine. ,frightened of Guillame Barre syndrome.


Quite frankly, the only time I got the flu was the year I had the flu jab! It wiped me out... NEVER again! I just increase my daily dose of Vit C and make sure I wash my hands a lot, especially when I go out and about!


This is a real dilemma for me. I don't like the idea of the mercury but my ex-husband's new wife (sorry confusing) died in September from Aussie flu at age 56.

I was contemplating getting the jab then both my mother and son came down with the flu and have just got over it. I took them to the doctor just to make sure and the doctor checked their vital signs and said they were ok so sent them home to get better (which took 10 days).

Hard to know what to do.


Shame that they are spending money on adverts instead of employing permanent staff - perhaps recruitment ads is what they should be using. Will we end up like the US with ads for anti-depressants on the TV?

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