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Dirty Genes Summit and Book by Dr Ben Lynch

Dr Ben Lynch is a naturopathic physician and epigenetic specialist has launched his new book Dity Genes and a corresponding summit currently on Day 4 go.dirtygenessummit.com

Dr Ben has identified the 7 key genes that can become dirty and then create problems/challenges. i.e

MTHFR Methylation Master

COMT Focus and Buoyancy or Mellowness and Calm

DAO Oversensitivity to Food.

MAOA Mood swings and Carbohydrate cravings

GST/GPX Detox Dilemmas

NOS3 Heart Issues

PEMT Cell Membrane and Liver Issues

The Dirty Genes book goes through step by step how to clean up these genetic limitations. Dr Ben states clearly that our genes are not our destiny and if we learn how to work with our gene committee on our genetic inheritance we can produce a much better outcome.

As I read it I am having so many health jigsaw aha moments and recognise this is a life-changing book for those who implement the recommendations.

Best Wishes


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Thanks for posting this. Looks like I’ve missed most of it though. I’ll watch today’s episode. How many days remain?


Hello Serendipidous,

There are 7 days in total. ‘‘This is day 5. It might be possible to view previous speakers at the end?

Day 1: How Do Your Genes Impact You?

Day 2: Clean Your Genes With Food

Day 3: Genes and Your Mental Health

Day 4: Altering Your Genetic Expression

Day 5: The Building Blocks of Healthy Families

Day 6: Understanding How Your Genes Work

Day 7: Genetic Testing and How to Clean Up Your Genes for the Long Term

In part 3 of the associated Dirty Genes book Dr Ben Lynch has designed a 2 week protocol to support these 7 key genes to enable them to function at their best.

That is then followed up by further Spot cleaning in a specific order. Dr Lynch states that he has found this to be the most effective approach.

The book is worth every penny especially with those of us trying to unravel decades of not treating the underlying cause of our hypothyroidism.

In Hope and Best Wishes.

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