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Thyroid scan results

Hello so I had a ultra sound scan Friday on my thyroid and rang doctors today for results I have been referred to ent as I have a nodule but they said it’s nothing sinister has anyone else had this i still can’t get my head round it all what does it mean what will happen ? Please help I’m so anxious my anxiety is through the roof at the minute

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A large percentage of people have benign thyroid nodules that cause them no problem during their life, most nodules are simple fluid filled cysts and have no effect on thyroid function. There are a small number of people for whom the cysts get large enough to cause swallowing or breathing difficulties by squashing either the trachea or oesophagus. There are also a very small number that are malignant or that on ultrasound are indeterminate, in these cases people are referred for a fine needle aspiration, where a sample of the fluid is withdrawn through a very fine needle again most are found to be benign. Occasionally if nodules look like they are more solid they do a radioactive uptake scan where you are given a labelled radioactive isotope then placed under a gamma scanner to see if there is increased uptake, again most of these are found to be benign.

Please don’t let your anxiety get too disabling, just think that the proper steps are being taken to ensure your health. I know it is hard but worrying about the infinite number of ‘what ifs’ will not change anything. Take it one step at a time and write down queries or questions so you are prepared for the next step. Good luck

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Thankyou so much for your reply it’s hard to understand everything I’m having thyroid symptoms but my tests results were borderline then has the scan to be told this it’s horrible waiting and not knowing but Thankyou

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