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Advice on Mouth Ulcer Issue

I’ve been on Carbimozal & Levothyroxine for just under a year. I believe I have a mouth ulcer that might of been misdiagnosed as a infection by a dentist after reading the leaflets in my medication. I’ve tried getting help over the past few days but Drs won’t see me as I’ve also had a recent tooth extraction & telling me to go back to a dentist. Any advice on where I should try for help as I’ve exhausted all avenues.

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Go back to the dentist. A decent dentist is far better at dealing with mouth-related things than a doctor. If you think there is a connection with your thyroid medication then take the patient information leaflets for the Carbi and the Levo with you to discuss with the dentist. Highlight the bits that concern you before you go.

Do you have confidence in your dentist?


I agree a good dentist will know far more about your mouth and problems associated with it.

A bit like a good optician will know more about eye complaints than a doctor will.

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I assume you are worried about agranulocytosis? Mouth ulcers can be a sign, just as sore throats.https://drugs.webmd.boots.com/drugs/drug-75-carbimazole.aspx

Have you got a temperature ? By all means try the dentist (take a copy of the Patient Information Leaflet with you, or the warning card/Leaflet for patients on Carbimazole if you were given one), but if you don’t feel reassured by this, you could always head for A&E, explain that you have mouth ulcers and are on Carbimazole, and ask for a white cell blood count .

Better safe than sorry -it’s a rare side effect, but potentially dangerous enough that we are all warned about it. If you are really worried, stop taking the carbi until you’ve had the blood test (as per the patient info).


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