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TSH Very Low - T3/T4 Low in Range - Feel Horrible!--HELP

I'm on Nature's Throid, 1.5 Grains.

Is it bad to increase? I really want to!

My skin is so dry and red and peeling. I have high cholesterol too. Whenever I increase dose skin and cholesterol get better. Endo likes me to stay where I am though.

My Bloodwork:

[TSH] 0.13 (0.32-4.00)

[Free T4] 10 (9-19)

[Free T3] 3.8 (3.1-6.2)

TG Antibody 27 < 40

TPO Antibody 221 < 35

Cortisol Random - 175

(A.M.: 135-537)

(P.M.: Less than one-half of patients A.M. value)

Collection Time 13:13

Vitamin B12 - 284 (138-652)

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You certainly need to increase. You FT3 is right at the bottom of the range! And it's low T3 that causes symptoms. You also need a new endo, because this one's an idiot and is only looking at the TSH! The TSH will tell him nothing when on NDT. It's the FT3 that is important. And, yours is too low. Give him the boot!


My GP (yes, GP) said that she would ignore tsh as NDT suppresses it anyway. So I wouldn’t even worry about the tsh if I were you. You T3 and T4 are rock bottom of range though so you need an increase and probably a new endocrinologist. What is the measure used for your B12 as it looks like it might be a little low.


Blood taken at 13.13 is too late in the day

Should always be very early morning , fasting plus never take thyroid meds in previous 24 hours

I agree dose increase is needed but what results have you got for ferritin,folate,b12.,vit d3


I was gonna say about time but looking at the tsh I don’t think it would make a significant difference. With NDT tsh should be pretty much ignored anyway. I think mine was something like 0.09 on my last test which was early but T4 and T3 were only halfway through range


I wake up at noon everyday because I work late in the evening. So it's basically my morning?


Also I did fast. I will have to check the others in next lab.

Thank You


Increase by half a grain and see how you feel, I went up 1/4 grain per week until I got to 2 grains before holding for 6 weeks and getting re tested. You need to dose by symptoms, I am well on 4 grains..you have plenty of room for improvement! X

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How long did it take you to get to 4 grains. Raising 1/4 grain a week for me is too fast. I started 2 3/4 grains 4 days ago and will be at that for at least 2 weeks and then go to 3 grains. I will hold for 6 weeks and then test. My main symptoms are mood swings, insomnia and jaw and shoulder pain. I hope they clear up when my levels are optimal.


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