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Advice needed about my endocrinologist appointment on 31 Jan please

Hi all

I have an appointment on 31 Jan (letter attached) and I want to know what to expect and what questions.

I am fully expecting a battle and to be dismissed but I am going armed with blood test results, symptoms, Dr Toft's pulse article. Everything I can lay my hands on.

What should I be asking them? What should I push them on? It says a half day so to expect blood tests. If so should I go fasted? It's not tremendously clear really.



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Did you get a dose rise after your bloods from 2 months ago, which showed you were under medicated?

Ferritin was a bit low, vitamin D much too low and possible B12 issues

So are you supplementing.

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The doc didn't increase my dose or address the B12. I started on the vitamin d 2 weeks ago and trying to eat liver once a week but it's a struggle


Some people don't like liver at all. If you don't buy supplements for Vit D you can alsoincrease with food i.e.:-

Foods that provide vitamin D include:

Fatty fish, like tuna, mackerel, and salmon.

Foods fortified with vitamin D, like some dairy products, orange juice,and cereals.

Beef liver.


Egg yolks.

Calcium and Vitamin D: Top Foods to Prevent Osteoporosis - WebMD



Well your results showed you were under medicated, so first thing you need is dose increase


D2 or D3 ? What dose are you taking ?


Don't battle as that will put him/her on a different level and your appointment may not go in your favour.

If you go in with what you want to state and that you are looking to them for help/assistance in helping you get well. Also that you feel dreadful on levothyroxine (I assume you are).

As well as Dr Toft's Pulse Article the following might also be favourable for you. You don't need to give it towards the end of our appointment as, hopefully, the person will have some sympathy and aim to get patient's well. If not, highlight the appropriate part in the following:-



The levothyroxine seems to work for a short while and then I am back to being tired and cold and my sex drive is in the toilet.

Thanks for the advice.

I really don't know what to.expect


That's what happens - we begin on 50mcg of levo and every six weeks it is increased by 25mcg each time until you have relief of clinical symptoms. If symptoms return after a few weeks another dose increase is required and so on until you are on a stable dose, i.e. feel well with no clinical symptoms.

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I started on 25 ad asked to be increased to 50. I said to the doc if he was uncomfortable increasing the dose to refer e to the endo. I am lucky that he's a good doctor. I wouldn't be here if he hadn't took notice of my symptoms.

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