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Medichecks Lab Experience/Phlebotomy Services

Hi all,

I was living in the UK a couple years back and will be in London/Southampton visiting my fiancee's family next week and want to take advantage of having some private blood work done (since there's no option to go privately here in Canada). I think I have decided on Medichecks over Blue Horizon as they have a better bundle of what I'm looking to test and seem to be a bit cheaper as well. Does anyone have experience with using the partner clinic vs their London lab? Seems London lab is quite simple since you don't need to be shipping anything, just curious what lab they use.

Also, I'm looking to have some Lyme testing done through Armin labs in Germany. I can pick up the test kit in London, but need to have someone draw my blood. Any advice how to find a clinic to do this? I'm willing to pay a fee but will need someone who will do it without a GP referral as I won't have that from being out of country. A friend suggested to ask at the lab I go to for the Medichecks testing if they would draw for that as well (even if they do charge another fee). Thoughts?

Any help greatly appreciated!! Have loved all the info I've found on here already!!

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Armin Labs testing can be done via the Academy of Nutritional Medicine in London, don't know whether they have a phlebotomist. Scroll down this link:


Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately they are the ones I have been in contact with and they do not have a phlebotomist :(


Medichecks referred me to Medical Express Clinic on Harley Street (though the entrance is actually on Devonshire St., but must have that Harley St. address ;)) My experience was ok, although the phlebotomist took her time getting to me. (no other patients, she was putzing around behind the desk. I hadn't realised she was the phlebotomist, or I'd have said something :))

Blue Horizons referred me to IHF Clinic, also in Marylebone. I've had good experiences there, but also one difficult one, where no phlebotomist was there and a long wait ensued. Although it is a walk-in clinic, I would advise ringing up the day before and letting them know you are coming and confirming hours.

If you are doing thyroid tests and following the 'earliest possible in the morning' advice, you may share my frustration that these labs open at 9 am. I think it may be possible to get in at IHF Clinic earlier, but you would have to ask, as their posted hours are from 9 on weekdays.

Good luck and safe travels. :)


Thanks for your reply!! Is the clinic on Harley Street where you picked up the kit from as well or did you have it sent to your home first? Thanks for the info!! :)


I have the kits posted to me.


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