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Is levothyroxine right for me???PLEASE HELP

Is levothyroxine right for me???PLEASE HELP

If I purchase aload of "levothyroxine"100mg?would tgey be right for me?PLEASE HELP,heres my results = hypothyroidism

Wanting to purchase afew boxes over the counter tomoorow in Lanzarote 💖

My doctor hasn't done anything for me,sent me home with only advise to have regular blood test checks.

I'm chronic fatigued,over weight by 3stone,low mood,muscle pain,Carnt function well.

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Far too big as a stater dose - look at the replies on your other post and take action ASAP :-) Low VitD - B12 etc will make you feel very unwell. How do you eat ? Do you have gut issues ? Thyroid Hormones will not work in the body with such LOW vitamins and minerals ....

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