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Hypothyroidism- best diet for weight loss


Hi. I am 10 years post thyroid cancer. Unsurprisingly, I have gained weight. What success’ have people had losing weight? Diets, pills etc ? .

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I've found it's difficult to stop weight rising, even with an excellent diet, although it's been a slow rise. I've found it's helped to go low carb, high (good) fats and I'm experimenting with going gluten free, so far so good. I lost a stone initially and now just leveled out but I'm not gaining any weight so maybe it's an option? I've also found drinking more water, less tea has helped.

Other than that, I wouldn't recommend diet tablets personally because it's difficult enough to keep ourselves on an even keel with good absorption of levothyroxine so any tablets we consume may affect absorption or gut function which could cause interference in how we absorb or utilise levothyroxine. My opinion is that its best to keep it as simple as possible. You can have a really nutritious diet with low carb, high fat and with gluten free.

Jsimp in reply to Nanaedake

Thanks. I do need to drink more water. Currently on no carbs diet, but not seeing results I was hoping for.

greygoose in reply to Jsimp

No carbs is not a good diet for hypos, because it negatively affects conversion, resulting in low T3. And it's low T3 that causes symptoms like weight-gain. So, you are effectively making yourself more hypo, and ruining your chances of losing weight.

Jsimp in reply to greygoose

Interesting greygoose. I had no idea. Thank you.

greygoose in reply to Jsimp

You're welcome. :)

Are you optimally treated with thyroid hormone replacement?

It’s not at all uncommon for doctors to react purely to TSH readings, when they don’t mean a lot!

How much thyroid hormone are you taking? Do you have any recent blood test results to share?

Jsimp in reply to Jazzw

Hi Jazzw. Endocrine just reduced me to 175mcg levothyroxine from 200mcg. He reduced as 10 years post cancer, no need to suppress TSH. I don’t have latest results to hand, but will share when I get them.

He said I might be like small proportion of sufferers who would benefit from T3, but nothing he could do. His final comment was last patient gained 20kg when reducing Meds. Thanks!

Nanaedake in reply to Jsimp

I would increase the dose again. I feel ill if I decrease. Maybe our bodies get used to the higher amount or we just need it anyway. If they can't give us T3 we have no choice. More important to stay well.

Gaining weight won't help our health and goodness knows why NHS is so obsessed with bariatric surgery, spending millions but won't give us T3 which helps prevent weight gain.

Spareribs in reply to Jsimp

He reduced your dose purely because it was ten years? no blood tests?

Yes we gain weight when not properly medicated, or, in my case feel better but just can't lose the weight :(

When I find out I'll let you know & we can make a fortune!

I lost 4stone with slimming world, but have regained 3 since my thyroxine dose was decreased

Jsimp in reply to Eileen54

Eileen, that’s my concern. Currently doing dukan diet-lost 100 grams only, in a week!

Nanaedake in reply to Jsimp

It's your body, your life. Maybe we'd rather live well while we're alive and take the risks of lower TSH if there are any.

Grandma49 in reply to Eileen54

Lose 3 stone in 9 months lots of times - regained in 9 months. Dispiriting and depressing x

I have not put on any weight since my TT in 2015 apart from gaining 10lbs in 8 months on Levo I switched myself to NDT and T3 and immediately lost the 10 lbs and stay the same weight. I only eat mostly organic but never have dieted as such and don't believe in them either.

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