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Hi All had my much awaited telephone appointment with GP yesterday re my year long (and counting) health issues. It did not go well as you can imagine. She seems to have taken a great deal of interest in the BH test results but had to be prompted to check her own requests from NHS Lab.

OK so action being taken on BH results are to supplement B12 and D re-test in 6 - 8 weeks. Bear in mind here that GP would not do these tests to see if there was a problem needing addressing.

Action to be taken on low thyroid levels - NONE 'they are normal in range' I am happy to assure you there is no problem with your thyroid' The good news they are not going to reduce my Levo even further.

I queried a lot of things after this including how could they reduce my Levo on a blood test result that was in range. That they should treat me on symptoms etc. I put forward all the wonderful advice this forum has given me. Not budging from if your results are within range (no matter where) we do not need to do anything. I then asked for an urgent referral to an Endo for a second opinion and was told 'there is no reason to refer a patient with normal blood results to a consultant' you may of course go privately.

I could write a lot more but do not want to bore you guys to death. I feel utterly defeated.

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GP is a generalist, nothing more. Surgeries are apparently incentivised not to refer patients to consultants.

You'll get better advice here than any GP or Endo.

We all have to manage our expectations with the NHS.



So you have several options.

Get vitamins corrected and retesting in 8 weeks

TSH likely to go higher

See an endo on the recommended list from Thyroid UK and get official recognition that you need higher dose

See a different GP

Or put your Levo up by 25mcg. This may mean you run out too quickly

Are you sensitive to different brands and how much are you currently taking

You can get extra Levo without prescription, but it would be different brand


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