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SCD diet seems to be working! Anyone else find diet helps?

Okay I know gluten-free helps with malabsorption issues — I’ve been GF for 15 years with Coeliac disease. Despite this, I’m sure I’ve suffered continued malabsorption issues since Hashimoto’s hit me, diagnosed 2 years ago. In desperation, 3 weeks ago, I started the Specific Carbohydrates Diet (Elaine Gottschall “Breaking the Vicious Cycle”) and... within 3 days my constant body aches and pains reduced almost to zero (my tootsies are still a bit sore); only 3 headaches since Xmas! I used to get headaches almost daily and had to take 3 lots of long-acting paracetamol every day - no more. Maybe it’s a combo of everything else I’m doing (sleep, de-stress, supplements, NDT plus T3) but I really noticed a marked change within days of the new diet. I think it’s helping my gut heal and therefore better absorb the meds and supplements. Whatever it is I’m loving it, I’m now 50% well... no pain... it’s bliss :-D There is hope <3


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Worth starting research on SCD on Wikipedia.

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