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6 weeks pregnant, Tsh 2.8

Hey wise ones,

Looking for reassurance.

Before I got pregnant my tsh was 1.4 and T4 was 17, we ttc straight away and got pregnant in the first cycle.

At 6 weeks pregnant my bloods was taken, my Tsh came back as 2.8

I know 2.5 or under is recommended in the first trimester.

I'm currently on 75mg of eltroxin, my GP has advised to increase my dose to 75mg Monday to Saturday and 100mg on Sundays, I'm back in 6 weeks for more bloods.

How does this sound to ye?

My endocrinologist is seeing me when I'm 16 weeks.

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In the UK, guidelines say that TSH should be kept below 2.5 for a successful pregnancy and most people need a 25 mcg daily increase in their levo. You probably need alternating 75 and 100, not just 100 once a week, but I'm not a doctor.


Thanks for your reply. GP had said that it was only marginally above 2.5 so that the increase dose on a sunday should do it. I have rang my endo to let her know too, so will wait and see what she says about it. looking forward to getting a scan for reassurance


Congratulations, Osannie!

NICE used to recommend increasing dose by 25-50mcg when pregnancy was confirmed, now they say increase by 30%-50% so I would increase to 100mcg daily.

Management of primary hypothyroidism: statement by the British Thyroid Association Executive Committee

13. The serum TSH reference range in pregnancy is 0·4–2·5 mU/l in the first trimester and 0·4–3·0 mU/l in the second and third trimesters or should be based on the trimester-specific reference range for the population if available. These reference ranges should be achieved where possible with appropriate doses of L-T4 preconception and most importantly in the first trimester (1/++0). L-T4/L-T3 combination therapy is not recommended in pregnancy (1/+00).

According the ATA First Trimester TSH levels between 2.5 and 5.0 are associated with increased pregnancy loss


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