Sad and anxious

I randomly feel anxious and panicky right now I wonder if it's because of my thyroid. My head feels so full and my heart feels funny not good and my chest is tight but I know this feeling will pass. It's funny how I use to be in the "anxiety support" group and was seeking help for my health anxiety now I'm here. Can any of you recommend anything I can do to calm down? Me writing this post and talking to you guys is one of them at the moment.

So if you've read some of my posts you would know I'm seeing an endo in February for the first time, I've brought a notebook and will show him the two blood tests I've had. Is there any specific questions or advice can any of you give me that you wish someone could have told you when you had your first appointment? Ami

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Maybe it's not my thyroid that's causing me to be anxious I'm convinced I have S.A.D because I feel Brilliant in the summer

I totally understand I have hyperthyroidism, Graves’ disease. While last year I had anxiety it was related to events. this is different. I can be ok for 3 days and really bad for the next few days. I’m up and down so understand. I’ve been on carbizomol for 3 weeks so I’m hoping it will level out. My heart is pounding today. Have you started taking any medication?

I find it a comfort to realise that a lot of these bad feelings are caused by biology. I don't consider them to be 'real' feelings. I think you're doing well to recognise that they will pass, and just hang in there and wait for them to be gone - a large amount of rest often helps.

Mindfulness also helps a lot. If you're good with mobile phone apps there are many that can give you a lesson right away. Headspace is a good one to try.

I was never this good, my anxiety and depression came first then my thyroid issues came after so I've learned to deal with my anxiety. I say deal but not really, there's been many times I been to A&E services thinking I'm dying but after many tests they say I am fine and healthy. So now when I'm anxious I tell myself the tests say I am fine. No you're not having a heart attack you're 22, no your head is not going to explode.

I will give the headspace app a go I've heard a lot about it. Thank you for your suggestion though it means a lot.

Hello :) Have a big virtual {{hug}} from me. It’s going to be ok x

Anxiety is one of the 300+ symptoms of hypothyroidism. I think some GPs have a stereotypical view of hypothyroid patients. They expect them to be overweight, to talk slowly, to have slow heartbeats, to be overweight, to be tired all the time. And indeed, many people who get hypothyroidism are like that by the time they make it into the doctor’s surgery.

But... some patients with hypothyroidism are very slim, speak very quickly, feel like their hearts are racing, suffer from insomnia and anxiety. Now that confuses GPs, especially the ones who don’t think very hard (or just don’t care that much about their patients), because they expect those symptoms to belong to people who are hyperthyroid - have overactive thyroids.

I think your GP might be one of those who doesnt know much about hypothyroidism. I think he might be confused about you being anxious and is “playing it safe” by not being the one to take the decision to put you on levothyroxine, because as far as he can see, you’re exhibiting overactive symptoms, not under active symptoms. He probably thinks prescribing levothyroxine might make you worse. He’s wrong, of course!

So. Advice for you when you see the endo? Stay as calm as you can. But let him/her take the lead and ask you questions first, because if you go in determined to get a particular outcome, you might get him/her offside. But when you get your opportunity to ask questions, calmly explain that it’s your understanding that you will probably benefit from starting levothyroxine now because you have positive antibodies, and sooner or later your thyroid will fail. Say that you’ve learned, from Thyroid UK, that there is evidence that starting levothyroxine helps to slow down the autoimmune attack, and that you’d really like to give it a try.

Try not to worry about it too much.

I couldn't thank you enough for your kind words Jazzw. I will take everything you said on board especially to stay as calm as I can, I'm sure if I go in looking an anxious mess the endo won't take me serious so let me write down bullet points on important things I could ask so I don't ramble on.

With levothyroxine is there a certain brand I should use that many people have worked well with? I'm really scared about taking medication as I've had bad side effects when I took anxiety medication and I really can't take feeling as bad as I do now. X

Re brand of levo, it varies from person to person, but I wouldn’t worry about it because it’s very rare to react to it.

One step at a time, anyway - need to get it prescribed first! :)

Okay thanks Jazzw. If my endo is helpful and reassuring like you I've hit the jackpot. Fingers crossed!

Levothyroxine just replaces the hormone you are not making, so it isn't a drug in the usual sense. It' also very slow acting, so nothing dramatic would happen. I am sensitive to some brands, but they just make me a bit constipated, nothing serious. I prefer Actavis because I was sensitive to the other brand I tried, but I'm a sensitive type!

It's just I always read up reviews on medicine I'm taking because I was used to doing that when I took anti anxiety medication and people were saying scary stuff. It's always a bad idea to look at stuff up online anyway everyone has different experiences right? But thank you for reassuring me

So ask your GP to test vitamin D or order a vitamin d postal kit for £28

Easy to do and very likely show your vitamin D is too low. Supplementing will help thyroid too

Yes my doctor says there's little low, low and extremely low and apparently I am extremely low but I do work from home and hardly go out so I'm not surprised. So she's given me intense vitamin D in high doses where I take them once everyday week for the next 7 weeks. Are you saying this be the cause for my anxiety and depression?

It certainly won’t have helped! There are quite a few studies showing that supplementing Vitamin D eases both anxiety and depression.

So it may well have something to do with it.

Low vitamin D can cause this in itself

But is also extremely common with Hashimoto's

Have you had folate, B12 and ferritin tested?

If not ask GP to do so. This is something GP should treat, not endo

All are usually low as direct result of Hashimoto's

Try and go out for a walk each morning before you start work for the day - or go for a walk when you stop for a coffee around 10. A quick walk will improve your concentration as well as your mood, and the extra sunlight will help to boost your vitamin d, which in turn will help your thyroid. Remember to take your vitamin D with the fattiest meal of the day, which should help to improve absorption.

Thank you Hypo123, I can't believe the people in this group have been more helpful than my own GP

Can you post the results you are going to discuss with the Endo? Don't forget the ranges as well as they differ from lab to lab. Have you any vitamin levels etc that you can share as well. That would be helpful as we can then be more specific.

Hey silverfox7 thank you for your reply, I've posted two of my blood tests readings in my other posts my recent one my GP said it completely flipped around and my vitamins were fine, except my vitamin D was extremely low. I think it was either my folate or ferritin that someone commented on and said even though it was written "satisfied" on the results it was still quite low. If you would like to feel free to take a look at it and let me know what you think

Just had a quick look as not easy to read on my phone but you certainly look as though you will be needing thyroid help. But don't worry. It seems the trend nowadays to leave it later than they used to but if you are seeing an Endo then he will give his advice. May be better if you start a new post then with what advice he has given. When you posted I was assuming you were getting treatment but were not too happy with how things are going.

You vitamins etc look pretty low so won't be doing you any favours as they help your thyroid to work better. What treatment had doctor give for low vitamin D? You should have been started on a booster dose that later drops to a maintenance dose but sadly many doctors do not read the literature that is available and start you on 800 iu which won't help at all.

If you search for SeasideSusie and look at her posts there is loads of info on levels and how best to correct them.

Write down all the things you want to as the Endo and all your symptoms. Often your mind goes blank when he get into the room so always a good idea to write things down.

So let us know how you get on.

I just found out she gave me plenachol and gave me 40,000 IU capsules and I take this once every week for the next 7 weeks


I've read in other posts in this forum that Adaptogen herbs can help with anxiety. I've heard that Ashwagandha in particular can help.

I hope you feel better soon.

Thank you archway for replying. I will take a trip to holland and barret soon and see what I can find xx

Hi there take it easy, it will be ok you will see and dont be hard on yourself, i get heart palps and trembles as my meds are still not adjusted to suit me and im still here 6 months on, but as someone has already said its a long journey with thyroid treatment and to feel better and you will have good and bad days, i can see from your other posts that you do suffer from anxiety etc but perhaps this may get alot better when you are sorted in the future. Good luck and be kind to yourself.xx

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