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Thyroid lump

Hi all, I have been diagnosed with a lump on the side of my thyroid glad and I have had a biopsy that said it was a benign lump. Since then I have had several episodes when my neck swells and is very painful.

For longer than 3 months I have had a painful hard swelling on the right of my neck where the thyroid glad is the lymph glad on the same side is also swollen and painful and I have had constant pain in the right side of my neck. Dispite being on Morphine patches (for another condition) I am having to take extra pain killers which offer a little comfort.

I hate going to my Gps as they make you feel like a time waster so I'm not sure where to do. Any advice welcome.

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Do you have any results with ranges you could share ? Do you have Hashimotos ? Are you on Levo ?

B12 - Folate - Ferritin - VitD ? - have they been tested ? It is possible that if they are excellent it could help your other conditions ..... 😊

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I was on Morphine patches for pain leading up to a hip replacement, I reacted to morphine tablets badly, I was OK on the patches for quite a while until eventually I began to react to the plasters which bought me out in a rash. I took Tramadol as well. I am still reacting to Levothyroxin despite being fine on the liquid version for five months before it all went haywire again and all the side affects plus new ones such as extreme sweating started again. Went to yet another Endocrinologist this Wed. They are trying me on Teva, another variation of Levothyroxin, I have my doubts that this is going to work, but giving it a go. Because of a mess up with Endo no two who sent me to an Allergy Clinic when I have side affects not an allergy, which wasted six weeks, I am now grossly hypothyroid and feeling very very Ill. I really hope that this new variation isn't yet another waste of time as I could end up in Intensive Care. Sorry this isn't very helpful.


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