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Martin Budd and changing "normal" ranges in the UK

Hi all,

Sorry if this was posted before, but just came across this article, with very interesting information about how so called "normal" ranges in the UK have changed over the years (taking them further away from what other countries consider normal):


Makes you realise that even if we reach the top or surpass the range, may still be considered sub-optimal by standards elsewhere!

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Very interesting. Thanks for posting

Last sentence on this page fits many people who turn up here struggling to get diagnosed



Indeed, though that is if your GP is even clued up to test anything other than TSH... this is my third year of knowingly dealing with a thyroid issue, and so far all I've ever been tested on at the NHS was TSH... I've had issues for 5 years that could have been attributed to an underactive thyroid.

I wonder how many thousands of people out there are ill yet no one makes the connection that it is thyroid related. And worse, maybe being prescribed dangerous and expensive medication (antibiotics and anti-depressants anyone?) instead of treating the true cause of the problem....

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Well I personally know at least four people that applies to. Years of numerous tests, lots of other medications and yet still remaining unwell. Clear hypothyroid symptoms in all of them. Numerous thyroid tests, and medics dumbfounded that test is normal (according to current ranges)


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