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How many here on T3 only?

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I’m interested in giving T3 only a try & am interested to know what’s working for others.

Does anyone have any idea of the breakdown on here?

- Levo


- T3

- Mix of the above.


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If you're wanting to move to mono-T3 therapy for yourself, I'm wondering how it helps with that, to know how many members here take only Levothyroxine or an NDT? If you want to be in a T3-only arena, to access feedback on that particular therapy, the FB group T3 Support, which took up the reins when Paul Robinson closed his own group, is a good resource. The group follows Paul's methods.

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I’m generally interested to know the rough breakdown & if there is a trend towards moving to T3.

I don’t use Facebook, but I have seen the guy you’re talking about. Strikes me as a self-promoting whack job. I’ve no interest in that, or waking up at 3am.

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It might be difficult to get a breakdown . I don't use Facebook either but if we don't feel well on levothyroxine, we can get a DIO2 blood tests which confirms whether or not we can convert levothyroxine into the Active hormone T3. If is positive we have to take T3 alone.

Quite a number take NDT and some T4/T3.

I believe a large majority of the hypothyroidism population seem to do fine on levothyroxine alone.

NDT used to be provided on the NHS as did T3 and they've now withdrawn both.

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Thanks Shaws

I’ve never heard of that DIO2 blood test, I will look into that. I can only deal with solid fact, don’t do hearsay, so I will do that test.

I was on 50mcg, then 100mcg of Levo on NHS. I ran my own blood tests at each stage, which showed my fT3 didn’t change at all. Also high Reverse T3. That was evidence to take to my GP.

As I’m only “Subclinical” (TSH between 6-11 over 3 years, but T4 just in range), my GP couldn’t prescribe me T3 or NDT without going through an Endo, which I couldn’t be bothered with.

So I told him I’d go it alone, which he was happy with & said he’d give my regular blood tests.

Been on NDT for about 8 months now. About to do a blood test. NHS will likely only do TSH, so I’ll order Bluehorizons test to do at same time, so I have fT3 & rT3.

I’m just trying to get a feel for the numbers on T3 only to see if that’s showing success.

Depending what my tests show, I might switch to T3.


It's worth reading through posts on this forum to get the picture you need on t3/ndt therapy.

What I've noticed:

A lot of people are on t3 only or t4 /t3 combo but this is mostly self medication and no one is shouting about it from the rooftops. Hence you will learn about people experience reading replays to various posts.

Most if not all doctors refuse to prescribe t3 mostly due to cost In NHS backed up by ignorance, lack of willingness to learn and hiding behind lack of clinical benefit of t3.

This then leads to high percentage on here being on t4 monotherapy due to relying only on doctors opinion, prescription and personal fear.

A lot are undermedicated on t4 - same reason plus inability/fear to self medicate and fear of t3.

I've never felt good on t4 mono.

I moved to t3 only exactly 7 weeks ago.

Last 10 years been on t4 mono, t4/t3 combo, tried NDT, now t3 mono.

You need to be comfortable to try and experiment on yourself to see what's working for you.

There's a lot of varying, good, bad opinions on here 're dosage, dosing times, what to eat how to eat etc

Read, digest and take what's best for you from that. I don't agree with some things said on here so I just ignore it. I.e you wanna get up at 3am and take your tablets- fine, I'm good with having uninterrupted, good night sleep. You think stopping eating bread for the rest of your life will mend your thyroid - fine, my life's too short and my thyroid is already packed up.

I take 100 mcg t3 total a day. My bloods are over the range and I was told (by a doctor and on here) I should lower my t3 dose.

I will not - because I feel good and have no hyper symptoms.

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