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First symptoms

Hi just wondering what people’s first symptoms where off thyroid in yet to be diagnosed but am due a ultra sound scan and also taking folic acid and iron tablets my symptoms are

Feeling very tired

Loss off hair

Upset stomach Loss off appetite

Muscle pain and joints feel like my bones hurt


Itchy burning sensation

Headaches that come and go


Also suffer with anxiety and taking antidepressants

Always feeling cold

Off balance

I’m waiting to pick up my blood results from the doctors so I can post them on here as I know there are people on here who know what there talking about and can maybe help me more also my thyroid came back boredline

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Also having muscle spasms and sore throat


My first symptom was increasing fatigue, for about a year before weight gain began, rapidly followed by all the other hypo symptoms. (Note: I've recently been told that my hypothyroidism is secondary, i.e. caused by compromised pituitary activity.)

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Thankyou for your reply even after I hoover up I feel like I could sleep for hours x

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Unfortunately, I still feel like that, 13 years later ... :(

Wishing you well.


I first thought something was wrong when I started to get tired walking to the bus stop or nearby shops. This was really strange because it happened almost overnight. One day I could easily run to either without breaking a sweat. The next I got tired just walking and breathless if I tried to rush. I put it down to my age at first.

A few weeks later I started to get muscle and joint pains. Also leg cramps first thing in the morning. That's when I decided to see my GP. Four months later I was told that I have an underactive thyroid.


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