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both arms hurt, lower part only

i was fine all day yesterday, went to drs with the hand itch again and its come up on the heel of my foot, been given steroid creams one for each)

helped out at a new slimming world group opening (a member from my group)

got home and both arms started aching

took paracetamol and went to bed, pain got so bad that i was up at 3am rubbing tiger balm in hoping it would ease up a bit, went back to bed and slept very little as no matter what position i got in it was painful

i feel a bit icky too

also on nicotine patch

i cant remember doing anything that would cause pain other than doing a few rows onb my crochet blanket which is quite big but ive been crocheting for years and never had this pain before

im on 100/150 (alternate days) eltroxin

a month ago bloods were TSH 4.53 (0.38-5.33) im thinking maybe hypo but i cant increase meds as feel awful when i do

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also on nicotine patch

Well giving up smoking is tough Mandy, so that might be it. I found this site quitnet.meyouhealth.com useful for tracking my progress. There are parts that cost but enough is free to make it worthwhile. A bit like an online AA meeting - you can pledge not to smoke every day and if you pledge, you get to see how much money you've saved (the best way is just to pretend £ are $ as it's an American site) also how many cigarettes you've not smoked and how much life you've saved as a result.

I gave up smoking and hypothyroidism presented - although with hindsight I was hypo before then. Very admiring of your weight loss, I piled on the lbs during 18mo on levo, which I've never lost. Perhaps another poster can help with the symptoms you might expect as a non smoker already hypo...perhaps it makes hypo symptoms more overt and you need to consider an increase or some other way of reducing your TSH...

Hope you feel better soon. At least you won't have a cough starting in October and with you until spring...well done on making that decision. I can hardly credit that a pack of 20 is almost a tenner, these days. When I stopped in 2011 they were a little over a fiver a pack. 😲


if i remember right when i gave up a few years ago i felt like i was dying

im still smoking but have cut down tonnes

my CO levels were 35 2 weeks ago and yesterday they was 20 something and the nurse was really pleased, she said ive gone from a heavy smoker (which i was to a smoker) i was on the lozengers but they gave me an awful feeling in my throat so shes given me the spray to try but i have to wait until it gets here

the weightloss was awful until i was put on metformin for type 2 diabetes then it all happened but i am worried about gaining while quitting the smoking, i gained 3lb over christmas which i was happy about as i expected more and lost 1/2 lb this week but did expect

i have to quit with the diabetes, high risk because of family history and slight artery blockage

the nurse i see is great and she makes sure you go every two weeks and spends the 30 mins with you discussing how things are going ect so i have good support there, kids are at school again so less stress

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