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Chest pain / pressure/ tightness

Hey folks

For the past three days I’ve been having strong chest tightness to the point of feeling out of breath or nauseous. Went to a and e a couple of months ago (that time was for palpitations) and they did all the tests on my heart that all came back fine.

Is this a normal Hashimotos symptom? I’m guessing I’ve eaten something my body doesn’t like or my NDT dose is wrong but just looking for a little reassurance

Thanks in advance

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Somethings out of sinc if you've got symptoms. If you post your latest blood test results including any vitamins, thyroid antibodies and laboratory ranges along with blood test results and any medication you're taking, people might be able to help identify a cause. Thankfully your heart sounds good!

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Hi Nanaedake, I see you have experience of breath restriction on your journey. (Interesting post from last summer.)

But I feel worried for wowserclo because it sounds sudden in onset.

Best wishes to you both.


Thankyou will do! Just need to look them up. They are actually all the best they’ve ever been so That’s why I’m wondering what it could be


Please please, See your doctor/GP urgently. or Call 111 if you live in the UK!! They are great.

I’ve had a cold and developed a chest infection, and was very breathless over NY. so been thru all the breathlessness questions recently. Reminded me of a scare I had in my mid-20s - was checked for Pulmonary Embolism (clots in lung).

Unexplained breathlessness can be serious. Read the PE symptoms, you can have all, one or two, or none (which is bad news!)

Please don’t just post your thyroid results on here... I din’t Know much about the severe end of thyroid symptoms.... but a symptom of this nature, even if it’s “only” your thyroid, developing suddenly, sounds serious... get rapid medical attention, please!

If i’m way off beat, and there’s nothing wrong, no harm done in a bit of prodding and poking?!? If you leave it, PE is life-threatening.

Maybe someone will take a deeper look at your bloods, along the way. But just present them with the breathlessness, and let them investigate. Every health problem is not thyroid related!


Thanks all, am seeing a doctor this afternoon have had many tests on my heart and am only 30 so am

Hoping it’s unlikely to be that but will check it out today. I was just wondering if it could be a symptom of Hashimotos and from the reading I’ve done it looks like it is. I will see what the doctor says today though. Thankyou!


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